"I have tried every kind of hand cleaner and I still get dermititis. My doctor told me to change jobs. I now have to use gloves all the time until I used Reinol. After a few washes my hands were fine. Now I have used the Barrier cream and my hands are nearly back to normal."

- Frank Peters, Geddes Automotive Onehunga

"I've been in the trade for 40 years, it's the best stuff I've ever used. I'm moving down to Christchurch and taking a tub with me!"

- Bob Jarden

"It's awesome stuff. It even removed my nicotine stains"

- Chase, Huntly

"Best ever, Anytime I use anything else, my hands start cracking up."

- Brent, Beaurepairs Avondale

"I was using the stuff in the bucket once a day and still got dermititis. Now I use Reinol often and the dermititis is gone. We ran out and I stopped using Reinol, my dermititis came back within 3 days. Good product - no doubt about it! We have customers come in and they can't believe how nice their hands feel afterwards."

- Crellin Mercer, Mertech Engineering Henderson

"It's good, it's b.......... good, my hands haven't been this clean in years!"

- Joshua Stoddart, Firestone Beachhaven

"It's excellent, it gets off all the grim and grime!"

- Jaco, Vision Autoservice Avondale

"It's the best stuff I've ever used!"

- Ryan Lusty, Draintech

"Very, very good, ......... amazing! Best hand wash I've ever used. My hands are the cleanest they've ever been!"

- Daniel Russell, Auckland Subaru Specialists

"It's b........... magic. My skin has never been so clean. My skin is soft for an engineer and you don't use much. All the boys like it eh!"

- Bill, Mertech Engineering

"You can use it 10 times a day and your hands are still soft at the end of the day!"

- Brad Prentice, Precision Autos Glenfield

"This stuff is....ah!.. brilliant....Yeah, we've tried all sorts here and that is best by far. Very very good!"

- Jessie, Vision Auto Sales

""Man this stuff is unbelievable! I have never seen my hands come so clean after being so dirty." [Sniffing his hands, and rubbing his face] "It's fantastic!"

- JD Hadad, Cab Driver