Part of an acclaimed world-wide leader specialising in Hand Cleaning and Skin Care products for the Trade. The Sole Agent for the internationally-renowned Reinol product range in New Zealand since 2002.

Enjoying on-going and progressive expansion across New Zealand.

In 1927, Germany’s telecommunication workers suffered from a chronic Dermatitis epidemic, from handling cabling coated with solvents and chemicals. This resulted in critical labour shortages.

A hand cream with conditioning qualities was formulated, this solved the dermatitis problem and the workforce was restored.

That cream was developed into a hand cleaner resulting the launch of Reinol Hand Cleaning and Skin Care products which now include barrier cream plus foot and skin care creams.

Since then the formulation of Reinol has been perfected and now we have a range of extra-ordinary hand cleaners and creams.


Our company presents the finest Hand Cleaners and Hand Creams to the market at competitive prices.

In the last several years, our environmentally-friendly and well-priced products have assisted in setting new standards in hand skin-care health and safety in the New Zealand Trade and Workshop environments. Our Hand Cleaners and Creams have proven themselves to be exceptionally effective in every NZ Trade environment. without exception. We have regular reports from people with reduced or no cracking of hands in the winter, or of staff who say that their nicks and cuts heal within a few days due to the disinfectant in our product. We have numerous reports of cases, where Dermatitis has regressed and vanished after regular and constant use of Reinol Hand Cleaner and Barrier Cream.


Reinol New Zealand is here for the long haul. Our Distributors nationwide pride themselves in being able to offer excellent products and service.

We look forward to servicing you, our customers with the best possible products and service.

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